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The arcade was supposed to be safe.

At school, they were bullied, but when the bell rang, Patrick, Michael, and Paul could always count on blowing off some steam playing video games and pinball. In the small town of Autumn Hill, there wasn’t much else to do.

But then the whole town seemed to go crazy, and it was right after that new game with the weird name showed up. Suddenly the arcade wasn’t as much fun anymore. The kids became sinister and violent. Some of their classmates went missing from school or got in trouble with the law. And the bully that wouldn’t leave them alone… why did he commit suicide?

Now the parents are organizing, looking for something to blame for the danger their children are in. Can a video game really cause this much damage? occult office comedy in five parts. 

When all your clients are insane necromancers, ancient vampires, wizards and occultists, it’s not unusual to feel like your days are numbered. Earl Gratz might be one of the best in the business when it comes to magical and haunted artifacts, now if only he could land a position that doesn’t involve endless layovers and constant fear for one’s own safety.

Unfortunately for Earl, his time is running out. His boss is hatching a plan that could unleash an ancient demon into the world, and he’s going to have to die in order for that to happen. How did the fate of the world come to rest on the shoulders of a claims adjuster? Why is that dog talking, and who are all these weirdos in this otherwise ordinary office building?
Tom didn’t know what he was looking for when he would approach strangers and ask them to be interviewed on camera, but after one of his interviews leaves him questioning reality, everywhere he goes he sees monsters and demons. Is it all in his head, or is what the man in the diner said true? 

Now he’s hallucinating. Is it all in his head, or have the doors of perception been forced open? 
Hypnotic Dog Comics is the publishing imprint of
Ben Grisanti. 
Ben studied Sociology and Media at DePaul University. He has published academic work on the study of superheroes, and after graduating, he decided that he wanted to self publish comic books. He writes horror, comedy, horror/comedy, psychological horror, and horror sci-fi. He also likes horror movies, and the only holiday he celebrates is Halloween, which is also his mom's birthday.


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